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Category:Utilities for WindowsValdivia-Nuñoa National Park Valdivia-Nuñoa National Park () is a national park in Chile, established in 1985. It is located in the Maule Region, in the departments of Valdivia and O'Higgins, and is famous for its dry forest ecosystem and being the largest pine forest in the world. History The park was declared on 10 March 1985 by law number 2106. It is the first nature preserve in Chile. It was founded by Fundación Océano, in order to provide the protection of an area of about in the region of Valdivia, in the Maule Region. It was named after the ancient name of the municipality of Valdivia, that is "Valdivia Nueva". Geography The national park covers an area of in the Andes mountain range. The park has the following protected areas: La Paloma Biological Reserve, Hualalai National Park and El Agrio National Reserve. Ecology The park includes a number of biological reserves and four or five ecological regions. The forest is known for its complex ecosystem, which includes a total of 36 different species of vascular plants, 121 native micro-organisms and 59 native birds. The park also has the highest diversity of mammals in Chile. The park includes 17 species of mammals, which are: giant anteater, red panda, pudú, tufted capuchin, Chilean mountain lion, pudú puma, pudú bateador, pudú cochaco, pudú jaguar, mauchada, Andean deer, guanaco, crab-eating fox, intermediate deer, pudú, and black-footed alpaca. Flora The park contains a total of 99 species of vascular plants, including 25 native species of trees, 35 native herbs, 37 native grasses, 15 native ferns and 1 introduced plant. The forest is the world's largest continuous pine forest. Fauna The park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the jaguar, puma, Andean deer, pudú, tufted capuchin, pudú puma, giant anteater, crab-eating fox, pudú and mauchada. In the past, the park was home to Chilean mountain lion, p




Fiat Ecu Scan 3.6.2 Crack Torrent Latest

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