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LEO Satellite Market Dynamics, Forecasts To 2024, Sales And Revenue Analysis Report makpat




German industrial output was up 1.2%, the US up 5.4%, and UK up 1.8%. Figure 3: Percent changes in production, output, employment, import/export, services sector. China continues to be the only major economy showing steady growth in output, services and manufacturing. South Korea output is still on a steady up trend. Japan and Eurozone are looking like good growth stories for 2017 as manufacturing output and services are on a strong up trend. Singapore has risen to be the leading export economy in the world. Singapore in 2013 was just a tiny economy with manufacturing output, services and services having declined and declined in that order. Figure 4: Summary of major economic indicators in 2016 from the IMF and the World Bank. Figure 5: World’s Major Economies in 2016 (Foreign Direct Investment). References Category:Econometrics Category:Economic forecasting Category:Mongolian inventions - 4 * t + 1 . L e d b h ( 3 ) W i c s n a r o 2 / 5 ? = z 0 ,




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